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Its simple for us.  We want you to feel the same excitement and satisfaction we feel about automobiles.

Vehicle Viceroy loves automobiles.  We want people to feel the way we do about the product we deal in on a daily basis.  There is nothing more satisfying to us than a well maintained and clean vehicle. 

Find out below how Vehicle Viceroy can help you circumvent the chaos that is the automobile industry. 

There are no salesman here, no lots, no "car vending machines",  and no gimmicks.

We sell Quality, Competence, Value, and Rectitude. Our customer base reflects these principles.

We take the product, and our association with it, too seriously to perform in any other manner. 

Find out below what we do, what makes us tick, and if we are the right fit for you in the marketplace. 


Most dealers will slap a few disingenuous reconditioning items on the vehicle before reselling it. They will rely on the customer to pay for the reconditioning during the customer's ownership or indirectly through the service contract they will sell or subsidize with the vehicle.  You'll more than likely get an oil change, maybe new wipers, maybe a new battery.  Some of you may even get new tires!

Sounds great; right?  Wrong. Most dealers are not interested in getting your car on a lift before you buy it, truly inspecting it, and truly reconditioning the vehicle.  Dealers want to maximize their margins and the best way for dealers to do that is to "flip" the vehicle while putting the absolute minimum amount of investment in it.

Trust us when we say:  There is no advantage to you as a customer with a "flipped" car.  You could inherit all the neglect and missed maintenance of the prior owner(s) and whatever compounding factors they'll create.  At the very worst you'll be out of pocket for maintenance and repairs that you didn't expect or plan for, and at the very best you'll be hassled and rejected when you make claims against your service contract for repairs when you were just hoping you'd only be on the hook for the deductible.

When we recondition a vehicle, we bring it mechanically and aesthetically to its mileage-relevant factory specifications using Genuine, Original Equipment Source, or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts and only using factory trained Master Technician labor.

The goal in our reconditioning process is that when the customer assumes ownership of the vehicle, the customer need only be concerned with following the factory-recommended maintenance schedule without the hassle and complications of delayed or neglected maintenance.


Ever been to a dealership to buy a vehicle, and have to bring a sleeping bag?

Ever been to a dealership after agreeing to a price on the phone, just to have all the elements of the deal change the minute you get there?

Ever been to a dealership, and suddenly find out the car you wanted that was "in stock" is nowhere to be found?

Why do dealers do this?  To confuse you, to frustrate you, and to fatigue you.  Anything to lower your focus, your patience, and control of your emotions.  What does this do to you, the customer?  It erodes your confidence in the seller, your confidence in the process, and your confidence in the vehicle you are buying.  It can tarnish the experience and dampen any excitement you may have had in anticipation of your new car.

Automobiles are the second biggest purchase most people will make in their lifetimes. Wasting your time is not part of our business strategy.  We believe that you should know specifically what you are buying (the good and the bad) and how much you are paying for it; all in a hassle free and efficient process.  

We believe this because we were once car customers and we saw the process first hand every time we went to buy vehicles for ourselves and our families.  We were never impressed.


The consumer has been conditioned to believe that a lower price equals a better product.  That an unlimited warranty against a product or service somehow suggests quality in that product or service. That somehow paying less will achieve superior quality.  

This couldn't be further from the truth.  

At Vehicle Viceroy, we are more interested in the quality of services and products than anything else. We don't compromise a customer's request by short-cutting quality in an effort to increase margins. Delivery of quality to the customer is the highest business concern.  We focus on value over premiums and quality over price.


The problem with shopping for a vehicle traditionally is that the vehicle is actually sitting on the lot before you ever decide to want it, research it, or purchase it.  It requires that the dealer stocking the inventory soothsay the needs of future customers that the dealer has never met nor knows the requests of.

Sure, it seems simple:  Stock a bunch of "popular" vehicles.  Get a bunch of people to come see them.  Pressure sell your existing inventory to them.

But what about what you want?  What about your needs?  Shouldn't the dealer really ask you what you're interested in before suggesting items that are on the dealer's shelf? Should you, the customer, have more say in the specific coloring, features, and attributes of the car you're interested in buying?

It disingenuous for a dealer nowadays to claim they know specifically what each customer needs before they ever meet the customer.  Its also disingenuous to suggest that a customer has any less than 90% of the research and information done on the vehicle of their choosing before they ever walk into the dealership.


Its simple.  You tell us what you want, down to the smallest detail.  You shop from your couch at home, with detailed inspection reports on the vehicles in question.  You always pick from a handful of thoroughly vetted, top tier examples that are the best quality of their type.  You have unlimited access to a consultant service that far transcends a "car salesman".  The term consultant is not used lightly. You are advised, consulted, familiarized, and informed about the vehicles you choose in question. Once a vehicle is selected for purchase, it is procured and the transaction resumes a format similar to a traditional dealer transaction, but in a fraction of the time.  No more spending half the day at the dealership getting your time wasted, and getting trolled.  Your consultant sticks with you cradle to grave through the entire procurement process, making sure that your time value is preserved, all your questions answered, and all your requests met.

If nothing suits you in your hours, days, weeks, or months of searching; contact us for custom procurement.  You will experience car buying in a way that never has been, but always should be.


Vehicle Viceroy’s Service Department specializes in parts, diagnosis, performance, maintenance, and repairs.  Our factory trained master technicians can service your vehicle with brand specific competence and brand specific parts. We service vehicles without the unnecessary cost premiums of the franchised dealer, or the risk associated with the time consuming and deficient knowledge of a general automotive garage.

We aim to balance the quality of a franchised dealer’s service, with the reasonable price points of an independent shop.  We also use Genuine, OEM, or OES parts by default.  We accommodate aftermarket part installation by specific request and on a case by case basis only.

We believe that quality is the overriding factor in a vehicle's repair or maintenance.  Our processes, price points, and business structure express this uncompromising focus on quality and competence.

Vehicle Viceroy is fueled by our passion for cars. We want you to have a safe and enjoyable driving experience.  Please contact us to help you with your vehicle’s general maintenance, diagnosis, repairs, or performance modifications.


Quality is the axiom of our business philosophy. 

Value is the driver of our service. 

Exceeding industry standards fuels our motivation and calcifies our resolve.

We simply take vehicles too seriously to perform in any other manner.        

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